Individual Piece Hire

If you are looking for

vintage wedding hire

in Sydney we’re your peeps!

We know how annoying it can be when you find a wedding and events business you LOVE, have your heart set on them, get led down the garden path with super vague info and just when they’ve got you dreaming about how glorious your big day is going to be… BAM they hit you with their prices and there is no way you can afford them without mortgaging your house and it totally ruins your life (if you’re as extra as us that is). 

We don’t want to be the ones to ruins your day. So think of us as your vintage wedding hire fairies sent to make your life gorgeous, sparkly and stress-free by making hiring vintage wedding pieces simple and affordable.

We’re delighted to be able to offer such awesome prices on our vintage wedding hire pieces, so we’re happy to be honest and transparent about them from the get go. We know that every cent counts so we get it, you need to know what you’re up for from day dot.

We also just get a huge kick outta seeing our vintage hire pieces being used at beautiful weddings, baby showers, birthdays and bridal showers, helping to make wonderful memories for your guests. 

So have a peruse through the individual hire items listed below and get in touch for an itemised quote. We’ve also put together super affordable high tea and dinner party packages to make it even easier to hire your vintage pieces. Not to mention our exclusive partnership with Sydney’s best high tea caterer Petit Beurre Co.

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