Vintage Plates

Vintage plates

should be the hero of your gorgeous dinner table.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, plain white plates must be banned! Vintage plates are where it’s at.

There is nothing more interesting and more of a conversation starter than sitting down to a table laid with an array of gorgeous vintage dinner plates, each setting as individual as the guest sitting in front of it.

We’ve hired vintage plates and bowls out to some of Sydney’s most influential event planners, and we’re talking weddings of 300 guests (not sure I even KNOW 300 people but each to their own!). And the reason they keep coming back is because (aside from the quality) they love the sense of nostalgia and elegance our plates bring to their tables.

Vintage plates lend themselves to soooo many different themes and styles. It just makes us want to scream when people get fixated on vintage only meaning “rustic” or tables strewn with doilies and lace. Yes, they can look just darling styled this way, but we want you to be creative with our plates! Use them to bring in an element of colour at your industrial styled dinner party, style them with some gorgeous greenery at your boho themed wedding reception or pair them with gorgeous jewel toned florals at your daughters Christening. So have fun with them and be sure to share the pics with us afterwards as we love seeing the clever ways clients have styled our plates. 

Our inventory includes a range of dinner plates (25-28cm), entree plates (22-24cm) and side/cake plates (15-18cm), plus soup and cereal/dessert bowls. We include these plate size ranges as they are the universal standard guide for plate diameter. The size will vary due to the plates age (the older the plate the smaller the size) and brand. And it’s not just eclectic vintage plates that we stock. We also have a gorgeous range of super elegant, fine art inspired sets in large quantities to add that touch of European magic to your table.

So check out the gallery below and drop us a line if you’d like to come check out the vintage plates and bowls in all their glory, and then head on over to check out our gorgeous vintage cutlery and crystal glassware to finish off your glorious table scape.