Grazing Picnic Packages

Let’s Picnic Sydney!

Oh hey there Miss/Mr savoury tooth! After something a little more chilled for your event? Something that will combine our favourite “C” words…. “chardonnay” and “cheese”?

Look no further than our grazing style picnics. They’ve got everything you need to get your picnic in Sydney off to a cracking start.

Who says that a baby shower, kitchen tea or birthday party lunch has to be seated at a boring table like the trillions of others that have gone before? Or that a proposal has to be made in a stuffy, expensive restaurant? Not us!

Sydney is the perfect place for a picnic with a plethora of picturesque possies just waiting to be picked (that’s a Pulitzer worthy piece of prose right there!)

Anyway, back to the picnics people… Beach, park, backyard, by the pool, there is always something magical about dining outdoors – it takes us back to our childhood with afternoons spent picnicking with teddies or tucking into a packed lunch during very important expeditions to check on the tadpoles in the local creek…. Simpler times, slower times, times when great memories were made.

So what’s included in Sydney’s best picnic packages?

•  low lying picnic tables
•  assorted rugs
• 1x cushion per guest
• 1x dinner plate per guest
• 1x crystal champagne flute OR wine glass per guest
• 1x crystal tumbler per guest
• 20L drink tubs
• 1x knife and fork per guest
• 1x cheese board per table
• 1x soft cotton napkin per guest (included in full service package only)
• Floral arrangements (included in full service package only)
• assorted styling décor (included in full service package only)
• 1x Bluetooth speaker (client to supply own playlist/ included in full service package only)

Don’t want to do the dirty work? Then don’t! Our picnic packages range from DIY through to full service with delivery, set up, pack up and washing all included.

Our packages leave the catering up to you. However, if preparing the food is not really your thing, we can also take care of things with a delicious high tea menu, just let us know what you’re after and we’ll include a quote.

Wanting to add a few extra bits and bobs to your hire such as drink dispensers, cake stands, teacups or more plates? Check out our individual piece price list and let us know which pieces you’d like to add so that we can include them in your quote.

Book your She Does Picnics grazing set up now!