How to Host a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

How to host a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

“There is a place. Like no place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger! Some say to survive it: You need to be as mad as a hatter.”

We’re all mad here at The Vintage Kitchen so it goes without saying that a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party is our most favourite of favourite parties to host whether it be to celebrate an “unbirthday”, a baby shower or your Mad as a Hatter bestie’s kitchen tea. “Eclectic” is how Mr Hatter rolls and fortunately for you it’s also what we do best! So grab your wackiest hat and check out our top 10 tips for hosting a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party to make king of cray Lewis Carroll proud.

1. Guestlist

Be ruthless with your guest list. This is not a high tea for the beige amongst us, so the more extra your guests are the better!

2. Invitations

Don’t worry about inviting your guests, they’ll simply fall through the rabbit hole and into your magical tea party by chance! Or perhaps not…. Make sure you’re guests aren’t late for this very important date with a special invitation like these. And don’t forget to include dress code (i.e. bold, crazy, bright!) and let your guests know when you’d like them to RSVP.

3. Decor

Now is not the time for emulating a Vogue Living spread. Matching furniture is strictly forbidden. This tea party is all about mix n’ match chairs, crockery and decorations. The more kooky and eclectic the better. However, to keep things cohesive do try to stick to one colour palette to tie it all together – we don’t want it looking like the Mad Hatter has thrown up all over his party!

4. Tea for two or two for tea

Traditionalists will suggest that only Earl Grey should be served. But if there is one thing we’re not, it’s traditional! Am I right? Your choices in tea should be as eclectic as your decor. Go for a black, a green and a fruity blend as a base.

5. Sandwiches

You’d be sure to keep your head by pleasing the Queen of Hearts with some cute little cut out sandwiches but only the most very English will do (and mainly because they are this Pom’s favourites) … Cucumber and mint, smoked salmon and creme fraiche and egg with watercress will be just perfect thank you very much!

6. The Abingdon Bun

You’ve heard of La Tomatina in Spain but have you head of the Great British Bun-Throw of Abingdon-on-Thames? It’s basically a 400 year old tradition that takes place to mark special Royal occasions. Councillors don special robes, climb to the top of County Hall and hurl 4000 fruit buns down at the crowds. Sound completely bonkers to you? Yeah me too but what better fare to serve at our bonkers tea party?!

7. Shortbread

We must not discriminate against height, so shortbread is a must have on this Mad Hatter Menu!

8. Flowers

Throw out any grandiose ideas of floral perfection. The floristry for this tea party is as eclectic as the rest. Poppies, tulips, hydrangeas, roses or peonies should sprout from the most unexpected of places.. a teapot here, a cake stand there. Eclectic is the name of the game for our Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

9. Crockery

Serving our guests from paper plates and plastic cups just will not do. We must treat our band of loopy-kooks to miss-matched vintage crockery, towering cake stands laden with treats, sparkling crystal-cut glassware overflowing with champagne and decadent antique cutlery fit for a queen at this Mad Hatter’s Tea Party! (Check out our high tea packages for inspo!)

10. Cheshire cat

And to top it all off, a cat with fur to rival Ed Sheeran’s ginger mop is required as ‘purr’ its Cheshire heritage.

So there you have it. Our top 10 non-negotiables for hosting a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

And afterwards when the last cup of tea is poured and as you bid your guests adieu after the glorious day you’ve had, you’ll think you’re entirely bonkers. But we’ll tell you a secret… All the best people are!