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I’ll let you in on a little secret… just like my love of Tim Tams and ice cream, our beautiful glass hire inventory is the real deal. None of that cheap Alibaba rubbish we see plastered all over Instagram. Run your finger around the rim of one of our stunning vintage crystal wine glasses and just listen to it sing.


Our vintage crystal glassware is so gorgeous, it was featured in The Great Gatsby. Yep, Mr Luhrmann sent his Props Master out on a mission to find the most beautiful vintage crystal scotch glasses in Sydney and The Vintage Kitchen is where he found them. (and here they are in all their glory being kissed by the lips of Leonardo himself... oh to be that glass!)









In all seriousness though, if you want your table to look like a screen-grab straight outta Casa de Perrin’s Insta feed (sorry guys, they’re only in the US!), you’re gonna need to hire vintage crystal glassware to set the mood. And you’ve come to the right place my style appreciating friend because glass hire is our business and we have the most divine range of crystal glassware for hire in Sydney. From crystal flutes and wine glasses to short and tall tumblers and every type of spirits glass imaginable. We’ve got enough crystal in our studio to rival a Swarovski store.


Our inventory is being added to all the time and depending on numbers and aesthetic we can cater to big numbers. We’ve done weddings for 300 with a total mix of crystal beauties for that gorgeous eclectic look that’s so darn hot right now and cocktail parties for 100 with tumblers, flutes and crystal wine glasses all matching, just like my sister and I when I was five (thanks mum!)


So are you ready to make your event sparkle with our glass hire? Check out our pieces below and then get in touch for a quote and while you’re waiting, check out our vintage crystal glassware in action at an amazing event produced by The Lane.

Crystal Champagne Flute Hire


Crystal Red Wine Glass Hire

Crystal White Wine Glass Hire
Vintage Champagne Coupe Hire
Crystal Tumbler Hire
Crystal Spirits Glass Hire
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