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high tea supplies

are what you’re after, you’ve come to the right place! And of course it’s not just high tea supplies that we stock, we are basically your one-stop-shop for EVERYTHING vintage tableware and picnic related. With over five thousand items in the inventory, putting together a gallery to showcase it all has proven to be no small feat!

Here, you’re going to find photos of our lovingly curated hire inventory, from teapots, cake stands, cutlery, crystal cut glassware, picnic rugs and cushions and all manner of boho themed props. We don’t want you to miss out or be unsure about exactly what it is you’re hiring so in these galleries you’ll find images of all of our high tea supplies, vintage tableware, and picnic props all in the one place which you can simply add to cart to let us know which pieces you’d like to request. Of course, you don’t even have to pick each individual item if you don’t want to! We are very particular about which items we put together so that each and every table our babies grace looks marvelous. Therefore, most of our clients are happy for us to provide them with a range with no input from them at all. Some brief with a colour palette or particular style they’d like to emulate with their tableware and some like to pick each individual teacup, glass and cake stand. However you like to work, we’re happy to accommodate. As there are sooo many items in the gallery, we recommend viewing on a desktop as it’s a little easier to navigate and once you’ve had a squiz, head on over to our prices and packages to see just how affordable hiring high tea supplies and vintage tableware can be.

**Minimum spend requirement is $200.**