High Tea Sets

Hiring out high tea sets was in my destiny and it’s all thanks to my darling Nan.

Pour yourself a cuppa and let me explain…


We moved to Sydney from London when I was five years old so my memories of the UK are hazy at best but one of the things I clearly remember is being mesmerized by my fabulous Grandmother’s house.


Nan lived on a run-of-the-mill North London street but the thing that set her little terrace apart from the dreariness of the others was her glorious garden. You see, my Nan LOVED op shops, she was an op-shopper waaaaaay before vintage was even cool and the crazy nut collected so many vintage tea sets and teapots that when she ran out of shelf space inside her tiny home she resorted to displaying her tea sets in the front garden. Literally every wall was covered and every garden bed filled with high tea sets with all manner of plants sprouting from them. It was a little kid’s dream, my very own Mad Hatter’s Tea Party that I could visit any time I wanted.


Flash forward to 2016 and devastatingly we lost Nan suddenly two weeks before our baby girl was due. My heart aches at the fact that they were destined never to meet but I know the old girl is holding my hand every step of the way. She’s the reason that when London was five weeks old and I was staring down the barrel of twelve blissful months of maternity leave doing nothing (ummm yeah… I was a first time Mum you guys, I had no idea what awaited!), we stumbled across this beautiful vintage business for sale. Nan is the reason why we didn’t even think twice about taking on a business out of the blue with a newborn in tow. And she is the reason my studio is now filled to the brim with the most gorgeous high tea sets and teapots that I now get to share with my clients to brighten their events just like Nan’s garden brightened my childhood.


So please raise your teacup for my Nan Rita because without her, there may not have even been a Vintage Kitchen and that would have been a travesty.


Below you’ll find all manner of high tea sets for hire from Royal Albert to Cristina Re, fancy silver numbers and everything in between. So take a squiz and once you’ve found your perfect pieces, head on over to check out the teacups and if you wanna go the whole hog, there’s a high tea package for that too!