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Decadent Delights: Curate Your Perfect High Tea Menu

If you’re planning to host a high tea event that your guests will rave about, then curating the perfect high tea menu is key. From delectable finger sandwiches to fluffy scones with whipped cream and jam, there are endless possibilities when it comes to creating a memorable high tea experience with The Vintage Kitchen.

We’ve got you covered with our mouth-watering high tea menu. With options to create an indulgent high tea spread that will be a feast for your guests eyes and tummies! And we’re also here to help if you’d rather get creative in the kitchen yourself with plenty of high tea menu tips and recipes for your afternoon tea. So, pop the kettle on and get ready to indulge in a delightful afternoon of treats and tea as we curate your perfect high tea menu.

What are the must-haves on a traditional high tea menu?

A traditional high tea menu typically includes a selection of finger sandwiches, scones with jam and cream, a variety of scrumptious cakes and petit fours, quiches and mini pies. And of course it wouldn’t be a high tea without a gorgeous selection of teas to choose from! It’s all about creating a decadent assortment of sweet and savoury treats to enjoy with your cuppa. So, be sure to include these must-haves on your high tea menu for an authentic and indulgent experience. And check out our recommended recipes if you plan to cook up a storm for your high tea yourself.

What cakes are perfect for a high tea?

When selecting the perfect cakes for your high tea menu, you’ll want to stick with delicate and dainty treats that are easily picked up with two fingers. We have an abundance of delicious menu options to consider. One classic choice is the Bakewell slice, with its beautiful moist almond texture with a hint of crunch on top and layered with scrumptious jam, it doesn’t get more British than a Bakewell!  Another popular high tea cake is our lemon and blackberry cake, with a zesty and refreshing flavour that complements the tea perfectly. For those with a preference for something a little richer, our chocolate, hazelnut and cranberry fudge brownie and mango coconut cheesecake slice are pretty off chops! Remember to keep a good balance between flavours and textures to keep it interesting for your guests.

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Are scones a non-negotiable on my high tea menu?

Scones are definitely a must-have item on a high tea menu. These delightful fluffy treats are a traditional and essential component of any high tea spread which is why all of our high tea catering packages include them as standard. Whether you prefer them buttered or topped with jam and cream, scones add a touch of nostalgia and a high tea experience would not be complete without them.  And for the love of God, please know that the jam goes on first and THEN the cream. Fight me on it! Check out this recipe for the easiest and fluffiest scones

What are some classic finger sandwiches to serve at a high tea?

Dainty triangles of soft, crust-less bread, filled with delectable combinations, finger sandwiches are my most favourite item on a high tea menu. Classic options like cucumber and cream cheese reign supreme, offering a refreshing crunch and creamy texture that perfectly balances the delicate tea flavours. And of course there’s the timeless egg and chive sandwich, with its creamy centre and hint of tanginess. And my most favourite of all is the quintessential chicken Waldorf sandwich, packed with tender chicken, crunchy celery, and a hint of mayo. These finger sandwiches not only tantalise the taste buds but also elevate your entire high tea experience, ensuring every guest leaves feeling delightfully satisfied.

Do high tea menus typically include savoury items in addition to sweets?

Absolutely! Your high tea menu should feature a scrumptious mix of both sweet and savoury goodies to tantalise your guests taste buds. Savoury menu items offer a refreshing break from the sweetness of your cakes, allowing guests to indulge without overwhelming their palate. That’s the wonderful thing about a high tea menu, it caters to both savoury and sweet tastes, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy which is why I say every day should be a high tea day! Some of our favourite savoury items on our high tea menu are the gorgeous roast pumpkin and feta quiche, the beef and mushroom cocktail pie, and the more of our pork and fennel sausage rolls that I have in my life, the better!

Can you recommend some teas to complement my high tea menu?

We have a gorgeous selection of luxury herbal teas that are served with our high tea menu. English Breakfast is a classic and is always the most popular, followed by Earl Grey, Peppermint, Lemongrass and Ginger, Jasmine, Forest Berry and Chai.

How can I ensure my high tea menu caters to dietary restrictions?

When planning your high tea menu, it’s crucial to consider guests’ dietary restrictions to ensure everyone can enjoy the spread. Be sure to communicate with your guests beforehand to enquire about any specific dietary restrictions or preferences they may have. This proactive approach allows you to tailor your menu accordingly and ensures that everyone feels included and well-catered for.

We always recommend including a vegetarian savoury item on the menu as standard. Our vegetable sausage roll is scrumptious and a perfect vegetarian inclusion. We are also able to cater for gluten-free , dairy-free and vegan requirements for a small fee per dietary request.

What do your high tea catering packages include?

Our high tea menu is offered in conjunction with our full service high tea catering packages which includes: 

  • Gorgeous crockery hire (teacups, cake plates, teapots, milk & sugar bowls, jam & cream bowls, ornate cutlery, 3-tier cake stands etc)
  • High tea menu selections of your choice (see packages with number of menu inclusions below) 
  • A selection of luxury teas
  • Milk & sugar
  • Fresh jam & cream
  • Printed high tea menus (1 per table)
  • White tablecloths
  • Linen look napkins
  • Crystal cut glassware (with selected high tea packages)
  • Hot water urn
  • Setting and pack up of table settings
  • Washing up (offsite)
  • Delivery within 20kms of Normanhurst
  • See our high tea packages for details on more inclusions

Cheshire Cat Package

1x Scone with jam & cream
1x Choices of finger sandwich
2x Choices of sweet items
2x Choice of savoury item

Mad Hatter Package

1x Scone with jam & cream
1x Choices of finger sandwich
3x Choices of sweet items
3x Choices of savoury items

Queen of Tarts Package

1x Scone with jam & cream
2x Choices of finger sandwiches
3x Choices of sweet items
4x Choices of savoury items

Alice Package

1x Scone with jam & cream
1x Choices of finger sandwich
2x Choices of sweet items
1x Choice of savoury item

White Rabbit Package

1x Scone with jam & cream
1x Choices of finger sandwich
2x Choices of sweet items
3x Choices of savoury items

March Hare Package

1x Scone with jam & cream
2x Choices of finger sandwiches
3x Choices of sweet items
3x Choices of savoury items

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Now that we know how to curate the perfect high tea menu, please check out below our scrumptious menu selections available for your high tea. 

Sweet Menu Selections

All full service high tea packages include fresh scones with jam and cream. 

Mini Muffins

Banana, Hazelnut & Nutella (gf)
Hazelnut meal muffin base mixed with fresh banana and topped off with Nutella, banana chips and white
chocolate crumbs

Blueberry & Lemon (gf)
A light fluffy almond meal muffin base mixed with sweet blueberries and topped off with lemon curd and freeze-dried blueberries


Citrus Meringue Tart (gf)
Smooth lemon and lime curd filled sweet short crust tart base topped off with light meringue and candied lime zest

Pear & Hazelnut Tart (gf)
Rich hazelnut frangipane with fragrant poached pears baked in our sweet short crust base and topped off with roasted hazelnuts

Fragrant spiced baked apple and sultana mixed with a walnut frangipane, baked in a crisp sweet short crust base and dusted with icing sugar

Individual Tea Cakes

Black Forest Cake (gf)
Rich and moist cake containing Callebeaut chocolate filled with sweet cherries and soaked in a Kirsch syrup then garnished with a light cream cheese icing, freeze dried cherries and chocolate crumbs

Date, Pecan & Espresso Cake (gf)
Fresh date and pecan cake garnished with an espresso cream cheese icing, chocolate crumbs, roasted pecan nuts and dates

Fig & Apple Cake (gf)
Fig and apple compote flavoured cake garnished with cream cheese icing, wild baby figs, pistachios, and dried flowers.

Hummingbird Cake (gf)
A rich cake made with fresh bananas and pineapple, garnished with orange cream cheese icing, banana chips, walnuts, and dried flowers

Lemon & Blackcurrant Cake (gf)
Fragrant lemon flavoured cake filled with tangy blackcurrant and garnished with cream cheese icing and a sweet blackcurrant compote

Lime, Yogurt & Coconut Cake (gf)
Tangy cake folded with yoghurt and dipped in fresh lime syrup, garnished with coconut cream icing, shaved coconut, and dried flowers

Lychee & Strawberry Cake (gf)
Fresh lychee flavoured cake garnished with a strawberry cream cheese icing, a white chocolate disk, pistachios, freeze-dried strawberry and dried flowers.

Orange & Almond Cake (gf)
Golden moist cake made with fresh whole oranges and almonds, garnished with cream cheese icing, candied orange, pistachios, and dried rose petals

Raspberry & Passionfruit Cake (gf)
A delicious vanilla bean cake filled with tangy sweet raspberries garnished with a passion fruit curd and freeze-dried raspberries and a sprinkle of icing sugar

Spiced Carrot & Walnut Cake (gf)
A flavoursome cake made with freshly grated carrot and toasted walnuts, garnished with compulsory rich cream cheese, chopped apricots and pumpkin seed sultana mixed with a walnut frangipane, baked in a crisp sweet short crust base and dusted with icing sugar

Banana & Honeycomb Cake (gf, df, vegan)
A light, fluffy and flavourful Banana base cake topped with a honeycomb vegan cream cheese icing and decorated with banana chips, almond slivers and chocolate crumbs

Orange & Chocolate cake (gf, df, vegan)
A light and flavourful orange cake topped with a whipped dark chocolate ganache. Garnished with candied orange, rose petals and crushed pepitas

Luxury Slices

Cherry Crumble Cheesecake (gf)
Butter biscuit base, baked cheesecake filling, topped off with cherry compote, baked crumble and dusting sugar

Chocolate, Salted Caramel & Hazelnut Slice (gf)
Hazelnut friand base, topped with rich, buttery salted caramel, couverture chocolate and roasted hazelnuts

Chocolate, Hazelnut & Cranberry Fudge Brownie (gf)
A rich fudgy moist Belgium chocolate brownie filled with cranberries, roasted hazelnuts, and topped off with a chocolate cream cheese swirl

Raspberry Bakewell (gf)
Butter Shortbread base layered with raspberry jam and almond frangipane. Finished with toasted almonds and dusting sugar

Mocha & Walnut Slice (gf)
Walnut meringue sponge, baked chocolate mousse topped off with coffee ganache and walnuts

Mango & Coconut Cheesecake Slice (gf)
A coconut shortbread biscuit base, topped with creamy cheesecake and decorated with a delicious layer of mango compote and sweetened coconut

Rocky Road Slice (gf)
A mix of vanilla and raspberry marshmallow, shortbread chunks, pistachios, cranberries and coconut, coated in milk chocolate and topped with freeze dried raspberries

Savoury Menu Selections

Finger Sandwiches

Egg & Chive
Free-range eggs and fresh chives. Never has there been a more iconic duo

Cucumber & Mint Cream Cheese
It’s the hint of  mint that gives these classic high tea sandwiches a kick!

Chicken Waldorf
It wouldn’t be a high tea without them! Finely shredded chicken breast, celery, apple and walnuts all feature in these mouthwatering slices of heaven

Beef & Brie
Juicy roast beef and lashings of Brie. Because every day should be a Brie day

Vintage Cheddar & Pickle
Shredded vintage cheddar and  tangy pickles. Simple. Perfection

Cocktail Quiches

Quiche Lorraine
Beautiful hot water crust pastry filled with eggs, bacon, cream and cheese

Roast Pumpkin & Feta
Beautiful hot water crust pastry filled with eggs, roast pumpkin and feta

Cocktail Pies

Beef & Mushroom
Chunky steak cooked with field mushrooms

Chicken & Leek
A silky filling of chicken, leek and cream

Spinach & Mushroom
The perfect vegetarian pie in our humble opinion

Sausage Rolls

Traditional Beef
Would it really be an Aussie high tea without them?

Pork & Fennel
A gorgeous filling of pork and fennel. Obsessed!

Something a little lighter for those of the vegetarian inclination

Cocktail Pasties

Spring Lamb
A beautiful rich meat filling, our current favourite!

Thai Chicken
This scrumptious pasty filled with chicken and fragrant Thai herbs is the perfect accompaniment to any high tea

Moroccan Chickpea
Add a touch of the Middle East to your high tea spread

The boring (but important) bits

Our high tea menu is seasonal and sometimes subject to change. So please keep in mind the need to be flexible should you be booking your event months in advance.

Any special dietary requirements should be communicated to us upon booking and we will do our best to accommodate. Please note that special dietary requests like gluten free and vegan will incur additional surcharges. We cannot guarantee last minute changes to dietary requirements – communication is key!

The number of high tea menu items per guest per package is set, we cannot reduce the minimum number of pieces per package. Of course you may switch around items to the same number i.e. an extra savoury item in lieu of no scones etc. You may also add additional items i.e 2x scones per guest making the 6 pieces menu 7 pieces per guest, additional high tea menu items will be charged on a per piece basis.