High Tea at Home

High tea at home is best

We love hosting a high tea at home. Of course there are plenty of places to enjoy a high tea in Sydney but there simply is no place like home. As Sydneysiders, we all know how hectic city life can get. Which is why we love hosting at home, where everyone can stop, relax and enjoy precious moments surrounded by scrumptious treats and our nearest and dearest.

Five reasons why Sydney’s best high tea is at home

Home is where the heart is

Nothing compares to opening up your home for your loved ones to celebrate their birthday, bridal shower, baby shower or other special occasion for a high tea at home. Your guests won’t have to worry about getting stuck in Sydney traffic and paying for parking. They are able to truly relax and get comfy at your home.

It’s affordable

Any Sydneysider knows that Sydney’s expensive! But that doesn’t mean your high tea has to be. The average cost for high tea in the Sydney CBD is approximately $100pp. As a host, you can save on those costs with one of our affordable packages.


By hiring high tea crockery like vintage tea cups, cake stands and teapots, you’re only paying a fraction of the cost compared to buying them outright and saving on storage space after your high tea party. Our Royal Albert teapots retail for $300 each and most of our premium vintage teacups for between $50 and $100, multiply that by your number of guests and you’ll probably be considering whether you’ll need to refinance your house!


Time is also money, so by booking one of our affordable high tea catering packages you’ll save your precious time as well as your pennies allowing you to focus on your guests.

The best high tea house in Sydney is yours!

When you host your high tea at home, you get to customise the mood, décor and theme to create your ultimate high tea event. Perhaps you want a vintage high tea, an Australiana theme, a retro 50s vibe and of course Alice in Wonderland is always iconic. There’s plenty of stylish inspo on Pinterest to help you create Sydney’s best high tea.


And of course the most iconic part of any high tea in the home is going to be the crockery! There is nothing better than seeing your delicious treats all laid out on gorgeous tiered cake standsvintage teacups littering the table, fragrant teas piping hot in the bellies of Royal Albert teapots, vintage cutlery all lined up and champagne chilling in sparkling silver ice buckets. So once you’ve planned your menu and know what you’re going to need, check out our packages and we’ll put together a collection of divine crockery to bring your theme to life.


And who says you need to have your high tea inside the house? Why not host your high tea in your own backyard with one of our gorgeous high tea picnic packages

You get to pick the menu

If you visit a high tea venue in Sydney, chances are, you’ll need to stick to their menu. Don’t eat ham sandwiches? No problem. With our scrumptious high tea menu, you get to pick and choose the delicious high tea treats to suit your tastes and dietary requirements.

Your home, your rules!

Hosting a high tea at home means you won’t be kicked out when your two-hour block is up. Not all high tea venues in Sydney are open 7 days a week but your home is! Invite who you want, decorate your home to your taste and serve up everything you like.


Do your guests want a sophisticated high tea where they dine like a royal? Or will they be expecting a more casual affair? As the host, you can set your home up accordingly. Crank up the tunes and the fun! Sydney is an eclectic mix of people from all ages, abilities and cultures. As host, you can curate your high tea at home to suit the needs of your guests and host a high tea party they will never forget.

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