High Tea at Home

Elevating the Everyday: The Art of High Tea at Home

Indulging in the timeless tradition of high tea is no longer reserved for fancy hotels or quaint cafes. With a little flair and creativity, you can elevate your afternoon by hosting a gorgeous high tea at home. Picture pretty, pastel teacups, tiered cake stands laden with delectable treats, and the soothing aroma of freshly brewed tea wafting through the air. Whether it’s a gathering with friends, a bridal shower, or simply a treat-yourself moment, hosting your high tea at home promises an experience of elegance, sophistication and most importantly, comfort and flexibility. So let’s explore how you can create a memorable high tea affair at home that not only delights your guests but also creates memories to last a lifetime.

Why host your high tea at home?

Home is where the heart is

Nothing compares to opening up your home for your loved ones to celebrate a special occasion. Your guests won’t have to worry about getting stuck in Sydney traffic and paying for parking. They are able to truly relax and get comfy in your home.

Hosting your high tea at home is more affordable

Any Sydneysider knows that Sydney’s expensive! But that doesn’t mean your high tea has to be. The average cost for high tea in the Sydney CBD is approximately $100pp. As a host, you can save considerably on those costs with one of our affordable high tea packages.

By hiring high tea crockery like vintage tea cups, cake stands and teapots, you’re only paying a fraction of the cost compared to buying them outright and saving on storage space after your high tea party. Our Royal Albert teapots retail for $300 each and most of our premium vintage teacups for between $50 and $100, multiply that by your number of guests and you’ll probably be considering whether you’ll need to refinance your house!

Time is also money, so by booking one of our affordable high tea catering packages you’ll save your precious time as well as your pennies allowing you to focus on your guests.

You get to choose the theme

When you host your high tea at home, you get to customise the mood, décor and theme to create your ultimate high tea event. Perhaps you want a vintage high tea, an Australiana theme, a retro 50s vibe and of course a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party is always iconic. There’s plenty of stylish inspo on Pinterest to help you create Sydney’s best high tea at home.

And of course the most iconic part of any high tea is going to be the crockery! There is nothing better than seeing your delicious treats all laid out on gorgeous tiered cake standsvintage teacups littering the table, fragrant teas piping hot in the bellies of Royal Albert teapots, vintage cutlery all lined up and champagne chilling in sparkling silver ice buckets. So once you’ve planned your high tea menu and know what you’re going to need, check out our high tea packages and we’ll put together a collection of divine crockery to bring your theme to life.

And who says you need to have your high tea inside the house? Why not host your high tea in your own backyard with one of our gorgeous high tea picnic packages

Your home, your rules!

Hosting a high tea at home means you won’t be kicked out when your two-hour block is up. Not all high tea venues in Sydney are open 7 days a week but your home is! Invite who you want, decorate your home to your taste and serve up everything you like.

Do your guests want a sophisticated high tea where they dine like a royal? Or will they be expecting a more casual affair? As the host, you can style your home up accordingly. Crank up the tunes and the fun, with some of these cute games to play at your high tea at home. Sydney is a melting pot of all ages, abilities and cultures. As host, you can curate your high tea to suit the needs of your guests and host a high tea party they will never forget.

You pick the food

If you visit a high tea venue in Sydney, chances are, you’ll need to stick to their menu. Don’t eat ham sandwiches? No problem. With our scrumptious high tea menu, you get to pick and choose the delicious high tea treats to suit your tastes and dietary requirements. Or perhaps you’d prefer to hire our gorgeous high tea china and have your guests each bring a plate of their favourite high tea delicacy. Or maybe you’re really up to the challenge and would love nothing more than to dust off your apron and cook up a spread of scones, finger sandwiches, high tea cakes and sausage rolls.  There is so much more flexibility when you host your high tea at home!

Curate the Perfect Menu For Your At Home High Tea

The pièce de résistance of any high tea at home is the menu. Traditional high tea fare typically includes three tiers of treats: savoury sandwiches on the bottom, followed by scones with cream and jam in the middle, and finally, an assortment of cakes on top. However, don’t be afraid to get creative and put your own spin on these classics. Experiment with different flavour combinations for the sandwiches, such as smoked salmon with cream cheese and dill or cucumber with mint (one of our favourites!). Consider offering a variety of scone options, including classic plain scones, fruit-filled, and even cheese. And we think there is nothing better than including a savoury pie or two on the menu to balance out the sweetness of the cakes. Also be sure to find out in advance if any of your guests have a special dietary requirement that needs to be catered for.

Select your high tea package

Create An Unforgettable High Tea at Home

Get your guests baking!

A great way to get your guests engaged in the whole high tea experience is to have each person bring along their favourite high tea dish. Be sure to allocate each person a specific type of food for example 3-4 guests to bring a sweet treat each, one to bring a savoury item, a couple to make sandwiches and one to make scones so that you don’t end up with eight different variations of a chocolate brownie and nothing else! People love to share their age old family recipes and it can also be a great conversation starter. 

Make it social

Another way to engage your guests in your at home high tea is to create a hashtag so that your guests can easily create, share and engage with the content that you will all be able to look back on fondly for years to come.

Host a tea tasting

Consider hosting your high tea at home like you would a wine tasting experience but with tea! Pay special attention to your selection of brews. Curate a diverse tea menu featuring a range of flavours, from delicate white teas to robust black teas and fragrant herbal blends. Offer tasting notes and brewing instructions to guide your guests through their tea journey. Take it a step further by pairing specific teas with complementary food items to enhance the overall dining experience. For example, pair a light and floral Darjeeling with lemon-infused pastries or a bold Earl Grey with chocolate-dipped strawberries for a harmonious flavour combination and an experience your guests won’t forget!

Interactive high tea stations

Instead of serving traditional courses at the table, set up your high tea buffet style where guests can customise their dining experience. For example, have a scone station with various toppings, a sandwich bar with different breads and fillings, and a tea blending station where guests can create their own special blend.

Get crafty

Encourage your guests to get creative by providing DIY décor stations where they can decorate their own teacups, saucers, or tea towels. A mini floristry workshop is also the perfect activity to complement a high tea, and will leave your home smelling fabulous!

Serve tea inspired cocktails

Create a selection of themed tea-infused cocktails to accompany the high tea menu. Offer creative concoctions like Earl Grey martinis, chamomile gin fizz, or lavender-infused champagne cocktails for guests to sip and savour. And because you’ll be hosting your high tea at home, nobody needs to be in a rush to drive afterwards. Win win!

Support a charity

Host a charity high tea event to raise funds for a good cause. Partner with a local nonprofit organisation or charity and incorporate fundraising activities such as a silent auction, games, a raffle, or donation drive to raise awareness and support for the cause. Many of our clients host events in support of the Cancer Council’s Biggest Morning Tea and RSPCA Cupcake Day

Hosting a high tea at home is a gorgeous way to indulge in the simple pleasures of life and create lasting memories with friends and loved ones. By paying attention to the finer details, infusing your own personal style, and embracing the spirit of gracious hospitality, you can elevate this time-honoured tradition to a truly special occasion. So round up your nearest and dearest, brew a pot of tea, and prepare to enjoy an afternoon of indulgence at home.