Cutlery Hire

Cutlery hire was a bit of an added extra when we first took on The Vintage Kitchen. As we stood in the Stanmore studio on day one, utterly overwhelmed by the sheer volume of STUFF we had just purchased, the mountains of vintage cutlery in the corner was the least of my worries.

Fast forward to now and I’m utterly obsessed with it. I’d never really appreciated how gorgeous vintage cutlery can totally lift a place-setting and add that extra sprinkle of class to your table. Whether you’re Katherine Middleton or Kath Day-Night you’re going to feel like a princess sitting down to a meal using proper silver plate cutlery.

We have over 3500 pieces of vintage silver cutlery available for hire in our inventory, and due to…

1. the sheer volume of it

2. most of it being as old as your Nanna, and

3. REAL vintage silver cutlery being sold originally in sets of 12-15 max

….our vintage cutlery is hired out as an assorted mix. We have tried sorting it all out into individual styles but it literally took a week of sitting on the studio floor and as soon as it went out for a wedding it was back to square one with the mind-numbing sorting and ain’t nobody (or our backs) got time for that! So we now sort by type. And every type of vintage cutlery is available for hire. From main and entree size knives and forks, dessert spoons, soup spoons, teaspoons, cake forks, fish knives, butter knives, serving tongs, cake knives and more. We also offer gold high tea cutlery (cake forks and teaspoons only). 

However, you’re obviously going to need more than cutlery to serve a meal. So check out the pieces available below and then head over to our vintage tableware packages to see just how cost effective it can be to set a beautiful table.