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Cheap High Tea Sydney

Host a High Tea (on the cheap!)

Cost of living pressures continue to bear down on Sydney households and small businesses. It can sometimes feel pretty gloomy, but it’s during times like these that it’s more important than ever to celebrate life’s special moments with our nearest and dearest. We’ve just got to be a little more creative with how we do it.

Hosting a high tea doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact a high tea can be a super affordable way to create a sense of luxury on a shoestring budget. 

So we’ve pulled together our top hacks for hosting a cheap high tea in Sydney

Host Your High Tea at Home

Hosting a high tea at home, in the workplace or even in a local park instead of booking a sitting at a formal high tea house can make your budget stretch twice as far! When hosting at home or at work you won’t be paying venue fees and will avoid the overheads that high tea houses need to tack onto their prices to cover things like rent, staff, electricity etc. If you don’t have the space, consider booking a local venue like a community centre, church hall or scout ball. These venues will often have very affordable hourly rates.

DIY Catering

If you’ve got the time and the baking skills, there can be nothing more rewarding than cooking up a storm at home for your nearest and dearest. Home baked treats always taste that little bit sweeter as they are baked with love. Hit up your mum or Nanna for famous family recipes. One of our favourite places to find new scrumptious and easy high tea recipes is Recipe Tin Eats.

Host a Pot Luck High Tea

Why not involve your guests a little further in your event and have each person bring along their favourite high tea treat. Just be sure to allocate a mix of sweet and savoury to keep it balanced. People love to share their favourite recipes and sharing the catering load amongst the group will reduce your high tea spend considerably.

Skip the Booze

Ok ok, this is going to be controversial but going booze free for your high tea will save you considerably on the cost of drinks. It will also means you don’t need to hire champagne flutes. If you’re hosting a high tea baby shower, the mum to be will appreciate the solidarity too.

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Hire Don’t Buy

This is where we can help! We’ve lost count of the number of clients who come to us after giving up on the time consuming and costly exercise of scouring their local op shops for teacups and high tea wares. It quickly adds up when most charity shops charge a minimum of $15-$80 per teacup and to be honest, you’ll probably end up with a hotch-potch of super granny looking ugly teacups as it’s very rare to find a really pretty pastel teacup sitting on the shelf at Vinnies (trust us we’ve tried!). Our high tea crockery hire packages start at just $10 per head and our gorgeous inventory has been carefully curated so you’ll have the prettiest budget high tea in Sydney. And the best part is that you wont have to find somewhere to store it all once your event is finished. 

Get Creative on Canva

Forget having invites printed. Simply jump on Canva and find a gorgeous high tea invitation template and edit with your details. Then you can simply save it as a PDF or JPG and email or text it to your guests – simple and free, two very important things when planning a cheap high tea!

Create Your Own Entertainment

You could hire your own acoustic guitarist or harpist to make your event feel that extra bit fancy. Personally, we prefer to have fun creating our own playlist and simply hooking it up with our Bluetooth speaker. Etta James, Frank Sinatra, Dusty Springfield and Amy Winehouse are some of our favourites to include. And why not get creative and put together some high tea games to keep your guests entertained? These are are two cheap and easy high tea hacks that you definitely wouldn’t have the flexibility to include in your event if you booked a formal venue and are what will help to create fun memories with your guests to last a lifetime. 

Hit Up the Flower Markets

Having a professional supply the florals for your event is not cheap. Why not hit up the flower markets bright and early and get creative with your own blooms? The growers will heavily discount most flowers on a Saturday morning as they get rid of that week’s stock in preparation for the week ahead. Another hot tip if you can’t make it to the markets is to try your local Harris Farm grocery store. Many have a decent selection of bunches the same as you’d purchase at the markets so that you can make your own arrangements. They are slightly more expensive but sometimes worth it if you can’t face the crowds at the flower markets. 

So there you have it, our top tips for hosting a cheap high tea in Sydney. By even implementing one of these hacks, you will save considerably on your high tea event. Get in touch now to hire one of our high tea party packages. And if you’d rather we take care of it all check out our high tea catering packages which are one of the cheapest ways to host your high tea. 

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