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Pretty Pedestals to pimp your party

Ok let’s play a little game… Close your eyes and think about how you imagine your divine little (or large - we cater to both wink, wink!) high tea is going to look…




Right, so I bet my baby’s booties that the first thing that came to mind perched proudly in the middle of the spread like little tiers to heaven bestowed upon us by a magical dessert queen were the cake stands, or as some folk call them - high tea stands. Amiright?! Lord I hope so, otherwise I’m totally ousting myself as the dessert loving little piggy that I am.


Hiring cake stands totally makes a high tea. I’m not sure what it is about a high tea stand, perhaps it’s the excitement of having not one, but THREE plates of mini treats placed in front of you like a tower of happiness (yep, there’s the piggy side again). Maybe it’s the fact that serving up your signature lemon tart on a gorgeous vintage cake stand makes you feel a wee bit fancy-pants or is it that they just make us nostalgic for afternoon tea with Nan as a young whipper-snapper?


Ok, so we’ve established that hiring a cake stand for your high tea is super important, mmmkay? And lucky for you my miniature treat loving friend, cake stand hire AND pedestal hire is my jam (on a scone with cream on top). I have a huge range of cake stands for hire from an eclectic mix of 3-tiered vintage cake stands, my favourite Royal Albert babies, to the divine plain pink and white Cristina Re pieces, and the silver frame style cake stands that fit three huge vintage dinner plates... you know, the type they use in la de da hotels.


My pretty pedestals go alright too with a gorgeous collection of pink, white and blue ceramic cake pedestals for hire in every size imaginable and the pièce de résistance for any vintage high tea party… The stunning selection of cut crystal cake pedestals perfect for displaying that soft as a cloud sponge.


Check ‘em out below in all their glory, and then be sure to head on over to the high tea packages page to see how you can make your dollar go further or drop me a line with any questions.

Vintage Cake Stands for hire


Cristina Re Cake Stands for hire

Frame Style Cake Stands for hire
Cake Pedestals for hire
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