We’re all mad here at The Vintage Kitchen so it goes without saying that a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party is our most favourite of favourite parties to host whether it be to celebrate an “unbirthday”, a baby shower or your Mad as a Hatter bestie’s kitchen tea. “Eclectic” is how Mr Hatter rolls and fortunately

Ahh baby showers, possibly the sweetest event you’ll ever plan and a high tea baby shower… That’s some serious sweetness! If you’ve made your way to this post you’re probably on the cusp of diving head first into the world of pink and blue, whether you’re a grandma-to-be or you’re planning a high tea baby shower

This little high tea bridal shower picnic set-up was the brainchild of Kairi of Silk & Bubbles who creates the most gorgeous bridal boxes - the perfect gift for your girls to say “thanks” on the big day.The brief was very soft, feminine and most importantly - relaxed! Cos’ ain’t nobody got time for being